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Alan Vincent
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Chorley Chapel  in Chorely Shropshire is an "away from it all" rural country Chapel in a very beautiful area ideal for men's retreats, ministry and activities. We have been doing Wild at Heart Boot Camps for 4 years, and have a very special format that really works for us and the men who come. We complete the full Wild at Heart Boot Camp material from Ransomed Hearts, and divide it into 6 weekends between September and July in alternate months. We add to the mix an activity for a few hours each weekend, and supplementary the DVD's with supportive preparatory teaching and lots of time around our "Round Table" where we talk through the material we have viewed that weekend, and its affect on us, and where we are in the grand story that we have been called up into, and we pray together. We keep our group size each year to a discipleship sized group of between 10 and 15. This enable the guys to become very open, trusting, and real with one another, and every year we see a new group of men resolved to work together and see the Kingdom grow as the men realised they have been called and equipped to STAND. This is one of the most amazing ministries I've been involved in and although I did not know what it meant at the time, it was spoken over my life in 1999 prophetically, and here we are! Registration for BOOT CAMP is OPEN FROM JULY to AUGUST each year. Course starts mid September.

We are embarking on a second year of Boot Camp Advanced. This time we have a 5 weekend course starting in October 2014 and running with one weekend in each alternate month through to June 2015. It is for the men who have already done a Boot Camp. Very exciting. Registration is OPEN FROM AUGUST TO SEPTEMBER 2014. Only 15 places available. We would love to hear from  you. Course starts in OCTOBER.

See Serperate Events for details.


We are exploring ways of bringing some of this content, plus the Captivating and other of Stacey's and John material to the Beauty in our lives. Watch this space. To God be the Glory. Alan Vincent.

Upcoming Events
Chorley, Nr Bridgnorth, Shropshire, United Kingdom
September 17, 2016 - July 16, 2017

Wild at Heart Book Camp for men, 6 weekend retreats.

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN FOR SERIES 7. Also there is an Introductory Meeting @ 2pm on 17th July 2016 at Chorley Chapel.

A LIMITED NUMBER OF PLACES ARE AVAILABLE. Respond ASAP we start on 17th September 2016.

Our 6 full weekend retreats occure mid month on alternate months starting in Sptember and running through till July the following year. We meet at 9:30AM for a BBQ Breakfat on Saturday morning. Sessions start at 10am till 7PM then evening meal at the local village pub. Those on the course camp in the area of the Chapel indoors or outside overnight and enjoy a traditional breakfast Sunday morning. Sundays sessions start at 10am and finish by 4PM Sunday.

We cover the Wild at Heart Boot Camp DVD's and supportive teaching and media. We have time-out quiet times and great Round Table discussions. There is usualy some form of activity for a couple of hours each weekend such as Archery, Clay Pigion Shooting, Gladiator Joust or Sledging depending on the weather, Cross Country Quad Biking, Canoeing down the river Severn or a climbing Activity. 

Experiance to date says this course is a life changer. See the many testimonies asscoiated with this minsitry. We are looking for a discipleship sized group each year so the activity is relational, character building and potent.

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The jouney so far.
Two weekends down and two to go. Advanced is proving a great series of weekend retreats. We are mixing the RH material with a practical Training and Application program based on the DVD session. We have seen guys who have never prayed using listening prayer before working with the Holy Spirit, locating wounds and demonic strongholds, taking back the ground, and seeing the captives go free. Awesome. To God be the Glory. Alan
Having attended Boot Camp last year the roll on into Advanced this year has taken us deeper and closer to our Lord. God has highlighted aspects in my life that I thought either would never surface and or aspects that were so deeply buried I was unaware of the power they have held over my life. Between RHM's teaching material and Alan Vincent's love for each one of us on the course - we are seeing ground taken back and strongholds broken down. I am more aware than I have ever been of the stages that my life has been through and how I can walk ever closer with our Lord. I am a 40 year old man who has woken to the fact that I am a cherished Son, A Battling warrior, A Passionate Lover and a King with dominion and rule - I look forward to life entering that of the Sage in the years to come - but not just yet! I have made many mistakes in my relationships with my wife and my children and this teaching has had a major impact on them as it affects change in me! I cannot recommend this course and the RHM's material highly enough - you will be changed for life - Glory to God our Heavenly Father - Love to you all - Paul.
Advanced Boot Camp Review - Chorley UK
I have attended two Advanced Boot Camp sessions so far and I am very thankful as this is helping me to find my place in God's kingdom (to advance His Will). A topic or two such as warfare, calling, past wounding and hurts, walking with God, etc are covered in a weekend. We would watch an Advanced Boot Camp DVD (available from RH online store)and have round table discussions and teachings where the material is discussed in detail and people can share thoughts or ask questions. We also have practical applications (such as Listening Prayer) where we apply what we learn (and see breakthroughs). Additional resources from the library such as books, movies and teachings has been also very helpful to me. I highly recommend attending a Boot Camp / Advanced Boot Camp series. Chris
Wild at Heart Boot Camp
Having first read Wild at Heart about ten years ago I was intrigued to receive an email inviting me to a series of Boot Camp weekends in a village not too far away from where I live. We have now completed five out of the six weekends and whilst not always easy, the sessions have been foundational in helping me dig deeper into my faith and sort through various issues that have arisen. Great food, great company, great activities and a chance to set unhurried time aside to do business with God.
Chorley Boot Camp - Lifechanger!
Today I stand as a completely different person to the one I used to be. A person secure in who he is in Christ. Over the last few years many things have change in my life, a broken marriage, a significant downturn in career, further heartbreaks and other such hurdles – what I realise now is that this was the winter, a time of DECONSTRUCTION, a stripping back of the treasures and values of this world. Throughout this time I cried out to God for revelation and he delivered, time and time again. This was the only way that God could bring true FOUNDATION to my life. Through all the troubles I remained steadfast in the knowledge that the one true thing in my life was the presence of God – all because I asked him in, personally. In truth, this was out of desperation. That’s not how I came to be a Christian, faith was never a crutch. When I first encountered Christ my life was seemingly wonderful. I could point to the various studies, church life, bible walkthroughs, the presence of godly people in my life who encouraged and supported or the quiet times spent just with Him. In part this is true but the turning point was Boot Camp. Boot Camp is an experience I cannot adequately describe. Essentially it is a journey of true discovery. Discovering the intimacy and tangibility of God alongside other men who finally remove the mask and deal with the real stuff; the painful, the deep, the web of lies that attach themselves to us without us knowing, relationships and all the day to day environments we find ourselves in. We laugh, we cry, we become vulnerable in a safe and trusted environment, we stand alongside each other. It is a walk to freedom that only Christ can lead us to. He does it gently, with grace and without bestowing guilt upon us. Alan Vincent is a fiercely driven man, determined to see lives changed for Christ and train men who will stand against the enemy and claim back the riches God has for us that have been stolen. Sue, his lovely wife, is gentle but equally determined and just as important in the success and just happens to cook the best food in ridiculously lavish amounts!! Boot Camp and the Advanced BC are a series of weekends full of God’s revelation, fun, food, soul searching, prayer, inspiration, debate, activities, fellowship and so much more. John Eldredge and his Wild At Heart/Ransomed Hearts team unlock and unpack Gods heart for us in a series of talks about how we are called to be in our relationships, in our churches, in our workplaces and in the world. With adventures both spiritual and practical – It really does throw a Curveball into the arena! This is not a recommendation it is a WARNING, please do not miss what could be the most incredible and life changing experience.
Advanced Boot Camp - Completion?
<p>Completion is questionable for the following reasons:</p> <p>We may well have finished our five weekends however as you will understand we all remain works in progress and Gods hand continues to guide and direct us with love and grace.</p> <p>Advanced boot camp has been a time of going deeper, deeper into our souls, deeper into our relationship with God, deeper into our relationship with each other, deeper into our relationships with our family, deeper, deeper, deeper!</p> <p>At the start of Boot Camp Alan talked to us about a Chisel Plough - this being a plough that breaks ground and ploughs deep to turn over virgin ground or ground that has stood un worked for many years. This picture was so true in Boot Camp and boy did it come out and plough even deeper in Advanced Boot Camp!</p> <p>I have struggled for many years to understand how Gods love for me knows no boundaries and is not diminished by acts &amp; thoughts of a broken man. He has spoken clearly and powerfully to me over the course of Advanced that I am made rigtheous only through the blood of Jesus and not through any actions or striving on my part. I copy below extracts from my Email to Alan after our last weekend:</p> <p><em>I have sensed a new freedom recently and the weekend has reinforced this &ndash; I know I cannot through my efforts make myself righteous &ndash; as God said to me on Sunday &ndash; It is finished! I don&rsquo;t really think I appreciate the full scale of this as yet as I have been striving for so long. I am struck by the depth of Gods love for us all and my desire is that I will explore in depth the character of Christ over the summer and ask daily that he will commune with me in all aspects of my life.</em></p> <p><em>We shared as a family last night some of the ways in which God has been speaking into my life over the last few months and we read sections of Johns Gospel together. We have never done this all together before as a family &ndash; very powerful. We (Susan and myself) need to work on our prayer life together &ndash; we do everything else together but seldom pray together! I need to share with her the listening prayer and see God start to talk deeply into our lives as Husband &amp; Wife, Mother and Father &ndash; Children of God.</em></p> <p><em>I cannot express what Boot Camp and Advanced have done for me and my family and how through it my walk with God seems ever closer and reinvigorated. My relationship with my wife and children continue to reach new levels and we are bound by a closer love for each other that I could only have hoped for just a few years ago. Tension in the family seems greatly reduced although as in all families still present at times</em></p> <p>Gents - you will never regret signing up for Boot Camp (neither will your nearest &amp; dearest) - it is an experience I would recomend to anybody who has a relationship with God. Through it you will draw nearer to our Lord and he will draw nearer to you. You will undoubtedly face issues, wounds, strongholds that may be painfull to deal with, however - through this you will experience release and freedom - life in all of its fullness!</p> <p>For men who have completed Boot Camp - I fully endorse Advanced the format is less structured and through Alans gentle but firm guidance many topics covered in Boot Camp are re-visited only this time we have been given time to pratically apply the teaching that we have received. The presence of the Holy Spirit has been the guiding hand right from the start through to the end. I have never been so open to hearing what God has to say and understanding better how he can and does communicate with me in daily life.&nbsp;</p> <p>Relationships have been forged that I am sure will last forever and it is fair to say that I have shared openly and fully for the first time in my life - you will not believe what freedom this alone brings - also when those around you share in similar ways.</p> <p>The material supplied by RHM and John Eldridge and his team has again been the backbone of Advanced, supplimented by video clips from an array of films makes the presenation something that all can engage with.</p> <p>In summary if you are wanting to go deeper in your relationship with God then speak to Alan and get yourself signed up for the next series. If you have previously attended a Boot Camp either with Alan or elsewhere then get youself signed up for Adavanced - you will not regret it!</p> <p>God Bless you all - Love</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Paul</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Boot Camp 2014
<p>I&#39;d resisted going to book camp for a couple of years, feeling I did not have the time to commit &amp; perhaps this had nothing to teach me. After all, 6 weekends is a lot of time, even spread over a year.</p> <p>Having completed the camp I have to say that it was probably one of the best time investments I&#39;ve ever made, this is not &#39;just another Christian Teaching series&#39;. As you commit, so Jesus will commit to you.</p> <p>Do not be misled, the devil will give you excellent reasons why you should not attend - do it next year - you can use your time better in another area, he may use the people around you to achieve his aim of preventing you from going</p> <p>Since completing Boot Camp my heart tells me I have made real progress in a number of areas. territiory has been taken back from the devil, in Jesus I am stronger, more confident, I am wading deeper in Him. My levels of trust in Christ have increased, therefore I am able to &nbsp;stand more than I did. Boot camp in Chorley with Alan and the guys has made a noticable change in me.</p> <p>If any of this touches you get on the course.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Come all those who are thirsty
<p>I have just completed session one of my second Advanced Bootcamp following a Bootcamp and Advanced at Chorley in recent years and months.</p> <p>The intervening 2 months between each bootcamp weekend is where it is all worked out and the teaching is applied. The Holy Spirit carries on the process as counsellor and this is how i know that this is not just another method, an eloquent speaker or another series of books - but rather that it is something sound and on Gods heart.</p> <p>God is encouraging me to pursue others - to set the captives free. In that process of pursuing others, God is pursuing me!&nbsp;The bootcamps are great for debugging and letting go of man made teachings and traditions i have learned over time in church and grabbing hold of the real.</p> <p>I am a busy man, over achiever, a family of 5 and there is ALWAYS some distraction from engaging in something likes this - but if you need reorientation in your life, in your marriage, your family - then i urge you to get involved in bootcamp.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Wild at Heart Bootcamp - September 2014 to July 2015
It's the Monday morning after the weekend of Weekend 4 of WAH Bootcamp in Chorley, Shropshire, UK, and I'm pondering all that God is doing in my life and the revelation He is showing me about my life and calling. My Wife gave me Wild at Heart as a present two Christmases ago. We separated in July 2014 and I read the book from cover to cover and realised, everything John speaks about is me... I contacted Ransomed Heart Ministries in the US to find a Bootcamp local to me in the UK. God was leading me to Bootcamp. He led me to WAH Men's Ministry in Shropshire. I enrolled and God has shown me so much about me and my past and how I will be the person God knows I will be. My relationship with my Wife has improved and I have changed for the better. I can't wait until May 2015 when we embark on Weekend 5, it is going to be amazing!! I highly recommend the Wild at Heart Bootcamps run by WAH Men's Ministry in Chorley Shropshire UK. Thank You Jesus.
Six years of our Boot Camp weekend retreats for men.
Our current course is at the mid point. We have just completed the weekend on Healing the Wound and The New Name, this time using the red box material. Brilliant! I watched the men soaking up the depth and breadth of these powerful messages from John and Craig! What Transforming power I witnessed. We still do time-out fellowship with the Lord at the end of each video presentation and the guys seem to so value that covenant of silence and time to be real before the Father and His Son. Such revelation, breaking new ground, relinquishing old unfruitful territory and walking into freedom. Our format provides a wealth of material to support the weekend, and allows for 8 or 9 weeks before the next weekend to fully import, assimilate and begin to live out of the new heart that God is crafting at the core of these men. The greatest delight for me is not just the taking back of ground that the enemy has stolen in the lives of these men, but the feedback we get from wives who, without their husbands telling them much of what went on at the weekend, they report back and on one occasion I was asked, "Who is this man you have sent me back! I don't know him anymore. He has changed, wonderfully!" Another. "Without Boot Camp my marriage would not be what it has become, wonderful!" And yet one more "Since Boot Camp, he is a changed man and we are courting again, and believe our marriage will be restored!" Will you permit me a final one. A guy who at the first weekend of our Boot Camp Series several years ago said, "This guy you talk about, who does not have what it takes, well that's me! I don't have what it takes, and Boot Camp is not for me!" We encouraged him to stay and see out the weekend then take a view. He completed not only the weekend, but the six weekend Boot Camp course, then did the 4 weekend Advanced course. He is now on Team with us planning, supporting and helping in so many ways the many new men he has introduced to Boot Camp. To God be the Glory. Alan Vincent
i did the bootcamp on two different occasions. They remain the best times of my walk so far. Not only was there true biblical teaching and soul confirming truth too, but i met with God in a new way,id met with the holy spirit before in a presence knowing way....this time He was showing me truth in a confirmation way ....Teaching. i can only say that it, and the time spent with the other guys in the activities ..... was Awesome! the chapel felt and feels to this day like HOME. Blessings, Mark.
Great event
I attended this boot camp a couple of years ago and really benefited from it - both the content and the time spent with other guys on the same journey.
I've been fortunate enough to attend both a Boot Camp and an Advanced Boot Camp with Alan at Chorley Chapel, and what an amazing experience it has been. The setting is fantastic, the food is incredible, but most importantly they were both amazing opportunities to draw near to our Father and to receive from Him. Alan has a real passion for what he is doing there, and he uses his own experiences and wisdom to really bring the teaching alive and to train us. Would highly recommend this as an excellent place to come if you want to do a Boot Camp. You will not go away from it unchanged. Alan - thank you for your devotion to this ministry, and for the way you allow the Holy Spirit to work through you for glory of God and the good of all men.
Six Year On...
I was reminded last night about how much God has done in my life over the last six years and how He used Boot Camp as the major catalyst in this part of my journey. I want to thank you (Alan) for your dedication and faithfulness in running the Boot Camp series and to encourage you about the major impact it is having in the lives of the men you reach, and also much much wider in the families, relationships and communities they live in, as well as the generational impacts. Praise God!! I do not doubt that without Boot Camp, I would still be living in fear, holding on to the belief that I’d blown it and was a coward. I doubt I would have had the strength to stand when I went through the hardest time of my life, when the Enemy tried to “take me out”, (literally!). But through this process, I learned and I now know, that we have a strong and faithful God who leads us through the hard times, bringing us out the other side, healed and whole! All it took for me was for me to be broken and on my knees in tears saying “Lord, I can’t do this, please help me!” I also doubt that I would have changed a “secure” career to follow my heart and would now be farming and looking after vulnerable and wounded boys and young men! My notes in Boot Camp are littered with prayers “Lord, how can I become a farmer?!” He makes the impossible possible!!! God bless Mike