Texoma Wild Hearts October 2013 Boot Camp - Lake Texoma

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Robert Zint
Cartwright, OK United States

October Bootcamp Overview

The word that had been coming was the word “significant.” It had come on several differentoccasions, both whispered and shouted, this definitive word, “Significant.” Now, a variation of that word comes along side to spur us further; Weighty. Most of us men may be able to muster some acknowledgment that we are significant in smaller realms and smaller stories. There are enough messages out there that communicate to men that we are needed. Unfortunately, we lose heart if all we have is significance in smaller stories; moving up the corporate ladder, creating squeaky clean kids, serving as an elder of a wannabe Mega-church, moving and shaking in the financial realm, and on and on.

The truth about men is this; In the Adventure that is Christianity, we are truly significant. Our lives are weighty, that is they carry a unique glory given to us by God himself. In the Battle that rages for the hearts of men and women, we are significant. In the rescue of our beauties and others, we are significant, our stories weighty.The story is large, requiring that a man have his heart restored, be full of passion, and loving and fighting hard! None of this is possible without a very real encounter with the very real God and a continued walk with Him.

Texoma Wild Hearts presents an opportunity for men to encounter the God who created them to be adventurers, warriors, and lovers, and to recover their hearts. Texoma Wild Hearts Boot Camp: An event for men who are looking for the origin of True Masculinity, utilizing the material from John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart.  Three days of stories, presented through multimedia and live speaking, to facilitate a breakthrough into authentic masculinity! Relax.  Unplug.  Engage.  Renew. This “ain't your Mama's Man Retreat!” This is real. This is intense. This is manly. Thursday, Oct 24 – Sunday, Oct 27, 2013 at Camp Victory on Lake Texoma, in the North Texas and South Oklahoma border region. 


Texoma Wild Hearts Boot Camp. This will be significant!


Additional Info:  http://www.texomawildhearts.org

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