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Luke Milam
Pinson, AL United States

Apologia Outdoors is committed to equipping God’s people to build His church through outdoor ministry. Our definition of outdoor ministry is: “Using creation as a tool to reach people for Christ.”

Apologia Outdoors is designed to train God’s people to share Christ’s love in word and deed. This is done by using creation as a stage to provide the necessary resources for individuals, churches, and ministries to meet this goal.

Apologia Outdoors views every believer as a missionary, and our passion is to evangelize the world by growing world-changing leaders. Even after an event is over, it is our intent that these missionaries nurture disciples that nurture disciples. It is Biblical for every believer to show leadership in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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Survival Weekend Course
I had the privilege of joining Luke and his ministry on a Survival Weekend Course last year. I have to admit, I was not fully prepared for what I was in store for. Without giving away too many spoilers, the course was a challenging, yet rewarding time of outdoor skill development, spiritual reflection, fellowship and self examination. During the weekend course, we covered many topics such as land navigation, finding and creating shelter, fire craft, and foraging for food and water. This is not an easy course and the Bushcraft course is definitely recommended before taking this one. Luke does an excellent job of tying the gospel into the whole weekend and how it pertains to the challenges we face in daily life. The goal of Apologia Outdoors is to create disciples through the outdoors and they are passionate about it. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to challenge themselves in a unique way for 48 hours and an opportunity to not only develop new skills, but grow in your faith as well.